2CMS-LD_UFGJ_1000_900_458/561 活體腦鈣離子成像系統

2CMS-LD_UFGJ_1000_900_458/561 活體腦鈣離子成像系統

品名:2CMS-LD_UFGJ_1000_900_458/561 活體腦鈣離子成像系統



該系統包含用自由移動的動物的GFP和RF螢光進行腦內鈣成像(150 µm至8 mm深度)所需的所有項目。

2色螢光顯微鏡系統-Deep Brain特別包括:

The 1-site Fiber Photometry System for GFP + RFP-like fluorophores contains:
– Ce:YAG + LED (465 nm) Optical Head
– 2-color Fluorescence Microscope Driver
– 2-color Fluorescence Microscope Body Model L
– Snap-in Imaging Cannula Model L (3x)
– Protrusion Adjustment Ring Set Model L
– Pigtailed Assisted Fiber-optic & Electrical Rotary Joint
– Fluorescence Microscope Holder 2
– Clamp for Fluorescence Microscope Holder 2
– 2-color Fluorescence Microscope Snapping Tool
– 2-color Dummy Microscope
– Doric Neuroscience Studio for control and analysis
– All electrical cables and optical patch cords