FPS_1S_GFP/RFP_400-0.57 單點雙頻道光感測系統

FPS_1S_GFP/RFP_400-0.57 單點雙頻道光感測系統

品名:FPS_1S_GFP/RFP_400-0.57 單點雙頻道光感測系統





The 1-site Fiber Photometry System for GFP + RFP-like fluorophores contains:

  • Connectorized LEDs(465 nm and 560 nm)
  • 2-channel LED Driver
  • Fluorescence Mini Cube with 5 ports & Built-in Detector Head – Separated two fluorophores fluorescence cube(filter set optimized for GFP and RFP)
  • Pigtailed 1×1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint
  • 1×1 Fiber-optic Rotary Joint Holder
  • Rotary Joint Gimbal Holder
  • Fiber-optic Cannulas(10x)
  • Fiber Photometry Cannula Holder
  • Fiber Photometry Consolefor data acquisition and illumination control
  • Doric Neuroscience Studio Software
  • Optical Breadboard for Connectorized LED
  • Fiber Photometry Rackto mount the whole system

All required electrical cables and optical patch cords