PBI-Shredder O2k-Set 組織均質化系統

PBI-Shredder O2k-Set 組織均質化系統

品名:PBI-Shredder O2k-Set 組織均質化系統


型號:PBI-Shredder O2k-Set

用於組織均質化製備的輔助工具;Shredder kit包含帶有可轉換手柄的重型高扭矩SG3馬達,SG3基座具有3段是扭力設定(FSL),電池充電器,兩個鋰電池,Shredder-Tube Cap Tool和Shredder-Tube Ram Tool。

PBI-Shredder O2k-Set包括帶有100個Shredder-Tubes FT500-PS、100個Shredder-Tubes FT500-PMS的Shredder-Kit Box,一對用於組織解剖的鋒利鉗,一把剪刀和一本手冊。

Advantages of the PBI-Shredder

  • Low shear mechanical device for gentle, rapid and safe disruption of tissues;
  • Three position lever for setting reproducible force to the sample during the shredding process;
  • Gentle enough for isolating intact, functional mitochondria;
  • Powerful enough to rapidly break apart difficult samples;
  • Standardized preparations of high quality;
  • Enables reproducible results;
  • Easy handling, especially for beginners;
  • Processing containers:
  • Standard tubes for ambient pressure processing
  • Closed containers help to ensure safety throughout the entire sample preparation process;
  • Excellent for collection, storage, transport and processing